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Snow play.

February 9, 2010

So far, we’ve been off since Friday at noon…. With a new storm coming tonight, it’s debatable whether we’ll go back to work this week at all.

I don’t mind being snowed-in one bit. There’s so much to do! For one thing, I have more time to practice with my camera. I’m experimenting with the long lens & depth of field.

Lisa & I went down to check out the creek.

Molly & Anubis came to stay. We went exploring in this winter wonderland.

Matt, Molly, & I played Yahtzee. My aunt gave us an eco-friendly, reusable set. She photocopied & laminated the scorecards—a great gift idea.

I made this Amy Butler Snow Mum pillow in a dark gray woolblend felt using a free pattern. Some of my friends are coming over next week to make them so I tested it out beforehand. I love how it came out.


Learning portrait photography.

February 8, 2010

I’m in the process of learning children’s portrait photography. I aspire to take photos like this woman and this woman—they inspire me.

For now, I’m teaching myself and learning from photographers online. My sister Lisa has been a great sport about letting me practice on her.

She’s a great subject.

Lisa’s never afraid to be silly….

I’m trying different post-processing techniques, too.

Learning about lighting and composition is one thing, but my newly developing skills were tested to the max when I went to do a portrait session with my two-year-old cousin Jason.

He’s got tons of energy.

In an hour I took almost 300 photos, only 15 of which turned out to be worth printing.

So, I’m learning….