Cobbling around the house.

I’ve been finding it rewarding to make stuff for the house—things that we can actually use.

Thanks to a great tutorial complete with photos, I made roman shades for our attic loft. The fabric is Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain Pressed Flowers in Rose.

Now our strange & mysterious neighbors won’t be able to see in….

I still need to get a metal bar to put in the bottom of the shade so the shade will be weighted down a bit and lie flatter.

During the last snowstorm, I revamped our home office—new paint, rearranged furniture, and a recovered chair. With super on-sale IKEA fabric ($1.99/yard) and the help of an expert seamstress, I gave a make-over to our hand-me-down This End Up chair. (Unfortunately, I haven’t found a “before” photo, but the cover was green & pilly.)

I’ve been wanting to paint a room gray for a while and I love how it turned out.

I still want to get some new chairs—maybe red—and a new light fixture to complement the new decor.


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